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There are no off-the-shelf ways to maximize the culture, quality and profitability of your law firm, or the value and effectiveness of your corporate or governmental legal department.

Strengthening core practices, developing realistic alternative fee arrangements, opening new offices, enhancing your brand, recruiting and retaining the young lawyers that can serve you best in the 21st century, tackling requests for proposals, reviewing the mix of in-house and outside legal services . . . .

Those chosen to lead law firms and legal departments face daunting challenges. A threshold conversation with Joel Henning about how best to meet such challenges might help you decide how best to spend your limited time and money.

Strategic planning means making hard decisions. The legal profession needs new business models. Often it helps to counsel with someone skilled and experienced, who has seen others do it right, and do it wrong.

150 W. Eugenie ST #28 - Chicago, IL 60614-5842 - (O) 312-475-9830 - (F) 312-475-9831

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